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The Top Financial Concerns of High-Net-Worth Individuals

November 9, 2023

High net worth individuals (HNWI) are generally defined as people who have liquid assets of $1M or more. “Liquid assets” are assets that can readily be turned into cash – such as bank accounts or stocks and bonds held in a brokerage or investment account.

If you are a HNWI, you likely have a unique and diverse set of financial opportunities and concerns that separate you from the average investor. Doors may be open to you given your financial wherewithal that may not be so for others, such as certain types of accounts or investment vehicles that have account minimums but also make you eligible for more specialized services. You also may have to deal with more complex challenges that need exceptional care including trust and estate issues and tax management. We work with many HNW clients helping them navigate these waters in a way that maximizes their opportunities, minimizes risk, manages their tax situation, and addresses their unique goals, many of which are very personal to their family or business situation.


Independent Women

September 12, 2023

As an independent woman, whether widowed, divorced, single, or the primary breadwinner in a relationship, you have specific needs and goals when it comes to managing your wealth. If you are fortunate enough to have accumulated significant wealth or are in the process of doing so, you know that with it comes stewardship responsibility for you, your family and those people and organizations you care about within your community.  It is important to have a qualified advisor to help you manage your finances so you can feel confident and secure in your lifestyle choices.