Corporate Retirement Plans

Opportunity.  Education.  Advice. 

Providing your employees with an opportunity to save pre-tax for their future
is a valuable benefit which helps to attract and retain a talented workforce.

Have You Had Your Retirement Plan Check-up This Year?

We consult with you reviewing and monitoring your company's retirement plans, providing guidance on issues you are responsible for as a fiduciary including:

  • complying with retirement plan regulations and managing risk
  • adhering to fiduciary responsibilities
  • managing plan fees
  • offering competitive funds
  • preparing participants for retirement
Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors

How does the DOL Fiduciary Rule effect your 401(k) plan? 

How does the Suitability Rule differ from the Fiduciary Rule? 

Is your plan advisor equipped to be a fiduciary?  Is your plan compliant?

Have you benchmarked your fees in the last two years? 

When was the last time you conducted an official RFP for your plan? 

Are you are getting the best pricing, fund quality and services possible?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, it might be time for your Retirement Plan Check-up.

Our Unique Advantage

Our Unique Advantage

We have access to a national depth of resources through our membership in the Retirement Plan Advisory Group ("RPAG"), an exclusive alliance of plan advisors with roughly $800B in assets under influence serving over 80K plan sponsors and 7M plan participants. 

RPAG provides us with an extensive team of retirement plan experts and premier technology and resources which we leverage through the RPAG platform so we can provide the very best tailored solutions for you. 

Below is our comprehensive Evaluation & Monitoring Process designed to address all of the most important issues you are responsible for as a Plan Sponsor.

Our Evaluation & Monitoring Process

Plan Review & Design 

We perform plan design assessments that strive to increase an employer’s benefits return on investment (ROI) while striving to enhance participant retirement outcomes.

Investment Analysis

We provide a proprietary fund ranking system that aims to enhance outcomes, manage risks and reduce fiduciary exposure.

Fee Benchmarking

RFP driven process to ensure apple-to-apple comparisons and to help maximize a plan’s negotiating leverage.

Target Date Suitability (Analysis)

Advanced risk-based suitability process to identify a “best-fit” target date fund series that is right for your plan.

ERISA Guidance & Support

We help you navigate the ever-changing and complex legal and fiduciary compliance landscape, keeping you abreast of regulatory and legislative changes and assist with your annual, IRS and DOL audits. 

Financial Wellness

Highly customized plan participant content structured to help optimize outcomes and increase participant’s financial wellness.

Fiduciary Education

Comprehensive and ongoing fiduciary guidance, training and support to mitigate potential liabilities. We utilize our online, cloud-based   file storage system that provides 24/7 access to all of your important fiduciary documents.

Plan Governance

Managing all plan partners to ensure plan continuity and documenting the prudent plan level processes. Proper documentation is a must for plan fiduciaries. Our best practices will help make sure your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.

Secure 24/7 Online Access to Your Plan Documents

Proper documentation is a critical step in the fiduciary process. Through our affiliation with RPAG, we provide our corporate plan sponsor clients with access to the online. Fiduciary Briefcase, a resource that includes sample documents to help reduce fiduciary liability when managing a retirement plan. It can be customized over time to serve as a depository for important plan documents and reports for the client company. 

Some of the platform's resources include:

  • Customized Service Plan
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Committee Charter
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Plan Documents
  • Monthly Retirement Times Newsletters
  • Quarterly Market Summaries
  • Sample Employee Memos
  • Participant Education Materials
  • Assigned Plan Consultant Contact information
  • Archived Fiduciary Investment & Plan Reviews