Independent Women

Gain Control.  Become Empowered.  Develop Clarity.

Meeting the unique financial needs of independent women and their wealth requires a keen understanding of the issues they face and the solutions that work best to meet their needs.

The growth of our expertise advocating for independent women is truly organic.
It is a direct result of taking exceptional care of our female clients. 
Most of our clients are referred to us from a friend who suggested they talk with us to help navigate issues that keep them up at night--divorce, adjusting to being a widow, needing clarity and direction with their finances and life plan. Others were clients as we worked with their family and they 
unexpectedly find themselves widowed.   



When you divorce, make sure you leave with what is rightfully yours.

In the US, close to 50% of marriages end in divorce.*  Most people are not prepared for this life event and many make less informed financial decisions that can have a  significant impact on their future.

e time to become most financially informed is BEFORE you sign a Divorce Agreement.  

We work with many women through this life transition empowering them to make wise financial decisions to shape their best possible financial future. 



Are you prepared if your spouse passed away tomorrow?

When you're married, it's hard to think about your future without your spouse, especially when you are active, healthy and enjoying life.  However, the reality is that one of you will die first. 

Women tend to live longer than men.  Aside from deep grief, widows often have profound fear about their financial survival.   

We have guided many widows through this emotional time, providing comfort that they are not alone. 

Single by Choice 

Single by Choice 

Single women have unique needs and concerns. 

Becoming financially independent is an essential skill for any woman.  When it's only you making decisions and you rely on one income, there's all the more reason to be fully informed and prepared for the unexpected. 

Statistically, 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their life. **  



There is a high cost to women not being involved in family financial matters.

While many women are at the forefront of their families' finances, some still just are not.  And, when faced with a traumatic event, it leaves the wife often overwhelmed. 

We encourage both spouses to be involved in our meetings so the family is prepared for the future. 

Before you move forward, take a step in our direction.  
We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about what is on your mind. 

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