Professionals, Executives & Business Owners

Expertise.  Dedication.  Success. 

You've spent years dedicating your life to your career or your business. It has been
rewarding on many levels and you have reaped the financial rewards. Now what? 
Your financial future deserves your attention today so you can live your best life tomorrow. 

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients are attorneys, physicians, corporate executives & business owners - all busy people with significant responsibilities. 

They have expertise in what they do and their passion lies in their practices and businesses. 

They know they need help reigning in their finances, staying on top of their investments, and articulating their goals. 

They respect the role of other professionals, seek our help, and let us do our job taking the burden off their shoulders so they can do theirs with confidence knowing their financial life is in order.   

They recommend us to their colleagues, we don't let them down

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

As a busy professional or business owner, you have unique issues while you are still working, growing your business, accumulating wealth, retiring or planning an exit strategy that provides maximum value. We offer guidance and solutions to your most important concerns.
Investing -  Do I have a custom Income Plan to fund my retirement and does the Plan protect me against sequence-of-returns risk if there is a bear market or recession near or during my retirement?

401(k) - Is my 401(k) properly allocated? Do I have a comprehensive asset allocation strategy in my 401K  that compliments my other non-retirement assets? Can or should I rollover my 401K to an IRA or Roth IRA account? Are my retirement accounts set up to use them for my charitable donations?

Executive Compensation - My company package includes salary, bonuses, stock options, retirement plans, and other perks and benefits. How does it impact my overall financial and tax planning? 

IPO - My company is going public, I have stock options, what planning should I do prior to the IPO? 

Retirement - Can I afford to retire now and live the life I choose? When should I take Social Security? What is my plan for my RMD’s (IRA Required Minimum Distributions)?  

Business Sale - What is my exit strategy for my largest asset? When was the last time I obtained a business valuation on my company? Have I completed all the tax and estate planning needed to be ready for a liquidation of my company? 

Taxes - Do I have a comprehensive tax analysis focusing on increasing cash flows in retirement?