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Our Second Opinion Service

A second opinion is a "stress test" of your plan, at no cost to you. It is taking a second
look at where you are 
now, where you want to be, and whether the strategies you are currently employing have you on the right track.

We address five key areas of concern:

Are you making smart decisions about your money?

Are you mitigating taxes?

Are you taking care of your heirs and family business (if applicable)?

Are you making sure your assets are not unjustly taken?

Are you magnifying your charitable gifts (if that is important to you)?

If You Are:
Planning to retire

Selling your business

Coming into a windfall or inheritance

Wondering if your accumulated wealth is being put to it's best use

Seeking peace of mind with your family's finances & legacy plan

Are divorcing or widowed and need financial guidance

Or just not sleeping at night because ...

you need clarity around your financial decisions

 ~ and ~

You Have:
Over $1M in investable assets

~ then ~ 

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If you are in good hands, we wish you the best, stay where you are!
If we can improve your situation, we will propose other options.

The choice is yours. 

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